Homemade Sauerkraut


1 large green cabbage
1.5 tsp sea salt
1 tsp caraway seeds (optional)


  1. Cut the cabbage in half and remove the core
  2. Cut the halves into quarters and slice the quarters as thin as possible. You should have about 5 cups of shredded cabbage.
  3. Put the cabbage into a bowl with 3.5 tsp sea salt and caraway if you are using.
  4. Thoroughly work the salt into the cabbage with your hands until the cabbage begins to release juices.
  5. Pack the cabbage into a glass jar.  Press the cabbage down as you pack it in.
  6. If there is not enough liquid to cover the cabbage, top it with a brine made from: 1 cup water and 1 tbsp salt
  7. Loosly cover the lid (or put a weight over the cabbage so water will submerge the cabbage) and let the cabbage ferment at room temperature for 1 week or so (in warm weather, it will ferment within a few days).
  8. Taste often and when it reaches the flavor you like, put in the fridge to stop the fermentation.